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Sony projector repair
Sony Projector Repair VPL-PHZ10
Sony Projector

Sony Projector Repair Center provides repair services and cleaning services for all multimedia Sony projectors.

Bring your projector in or ship it to us for evaluation by our specialists: Shipping Information and Form.

 Special: Free Estimates for all Sony projector repairs!

We also provide Sony projector maintenance services, which include complete cleaning of the inside & outside elements, fans and air filters, lenses as well as testing and restoring projectors to manufacturer settings.

For location and contact information please visit Contact Us page.

We Service and Repair the Following Sony Projector Models 

Sony VPD-LE100
Sony VPD-MX10
Sony VPD-S1800Q

Sony VPH-G90U

Sony VPL-AW10
Sony VPL-AW15

Sony VPL-BW120
Sony VPL-BW5
Sony VPL-BW7

Sony VPL-CS1
Sony VPL-CS10
Sony VPL-CS2
Sony VPL-CS20A
Sony VPL-CS21
Sony VPL-CS3
Sony VPL-CS4
Sony VPL-CS5
Sony VPL-CS6
Sony VPL-CS7

Sony VPL-CW125
Sony VPL-CW255
Sony VPL-CW275

Sony VPL-CX1
Sony VPL-CX10
Sony VPL-CX100
Sony VPL-CX100PM
Sony VPL-CX11
Sony VPL-CX120
Sony VPL-CX125
Sony VPL-CX150
Sony VPL-CX155
Sony VPL-CX2
Sony VPL-CX20A
Sony VPL-CX21
Sony VPL-CX235
Sony VPL-CX275
Sony VPL-CX3
Sony VPL-CX4
Sony VPL-CX5
Sony VPL-CX6
Sony VPL-CX61
Sony VPL-CX63
Sony VPL-CX70
Sony VPL-CX75
Sony VPL-CX76
Sony VPL-CX80
Sony VPL-CX85
Sony VPL-CX86

Sony VPL-DS100

Sony VPL-DW120
Sony VPL-DW125

Sony VPL-DX10
Sony VPL-DX11

Sony VPL-DX120
Sony VPL-DX140
Sony VPL-DX145
Sony VPL-DX15

Sony VPL-ES1
Sony VPL-ES2
Sony VPL-ES3
Sony VPL-ES4
Sony VPL-ES5
Sony VPL-ES7

Sony VPL-EW130
Sony VPL-EW225
Sony VPL-EW245
Sony VPL-EW275
Sony VPL-EW5
Sony VPL-EW7

Sony VPL-EX1
Sony VPL-EX100
Sony VPL-EX120
Sony VPL-EX130
Sony VPL-EX145
Sony VPL-EX175
Sony VPL-EX225
Sony VPL-EX245
Sony VPL-EX275
Sony VPL-EX3
Sony VPL-EX4
Sony VPL-EX5
Sony VPL-EX50
Sony VPL-EX7
Sony VPL-EX70

Sony VPL-FE100U
Sony VPL-FE110
Sony VPL-FE40
Sony VPL-FE40L

Sony VPL-FH30
Sony VPL-FH300
Sony VPL-FH31
Sony VPL-FH35
Sony VPL-FH36
Sony VPL-FH500

Sony VPL-FW300
Sony VPL-FW41

Sony VPL-FX200U
Sony VPL-FX30
Sony VPL-FX35
Sony VPL-FX37
Sony VPL-FX40
Sony VPL-FX40L
Sony VPL-FX41
Sony VPL-FX50
Sony VPL-FX500
Sony VPL-FX51
Sony VPL-FX52
Sony VPL-FX52L

Sony VPL-HS1
Sony VPL-HS10
Sony VPL-HS2
Sony VPL-HS20
Sony VPL-HS3
Sony VPL-HS51
Sony VPL-HS51A
Sony VPL-HS60

Sony VPL-HW10
Sony VPL-HW15
Sony VPL-HW15
Sony VPL-HW20
Sony VPL-HW30
Sony VPL-HW50

Sony VPL-MX20
Sony VPL-MX25

Sony VPL-PS10

Sony VPL-PX1
Sony VPL-PX10
Sony VPL-PX11
Sony VPL-PX15
Sony VPL-PX20
Sony VPL-PX21
Sony VPL-PX30
Sony VPL-PX31
Sony VPL-PX32
Sony VPL-PX35
Sony VPL-PX40
Sony VPL-PX41

Sony VPL-S500U
Sony VPL-S600U
Sony VPL-S800Q
Sony VPL-S800U
Sony VPL-S900U
Sony VPL-SC50U
Sony VPL-SC60U

Sony VPL-SW125
Sony VPL-SW525
Sony VPL-SW535

Sony VPL-SX125
Sony VPL-SX535

Sony VPL-TX7
Sony VPL-TX70

Sony VPL-V500Q
Sony VPL-V800Q

Sony VPL-VW100
Sony VPL-VW1000
Sony VPL-VW200
Sony VPL-VW40
Sony VPL-VW40
Sony VPL-VW50
Sony VPL-VW60
Sony VPL-VW70
Sony VPL-VW85
Sony VPL-VW90
Sony VPL-VW95
Sony VPL-W400Q

Sony VPL-X1000U
Sony VPL-X2000U
Sony VPL-X600U
Sony VPL-XC50U

Sony Projector Repair includes basic cleaning and maintenance service:

  • outside and inside cleaning
  • cooling system cleaning (fan and air filters)
  • light engine cleaning, mirror condenser, color wheel
  • external lens cleaning
  • inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video)
  • restoring projectors to factory default settings


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