Testimonials: recent e-mails we received from our customers.

From: Reb R.
Subject: Re: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00083xxx / BOX

To everyone at Royal:
I just wanted to let you know I received the projector yesterday. I unpacked it and found it to be in perfect condition. It is now up and running again!!

I have to say, using Royal Service to repair my projector was a great experience. Your professionalism and attention to detail was extremely refreshing. I really appreciated the notes and emails letting me know the progress of the repair.

You can bet, if the need arises, I will be coming back to Royal.


Reb N R.

From: Tamara B.
Subject:  Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00097xxx

Just wanted to let you know, that I received my projector a few weeks ago.  It is in GREAT working order.  I just wanted to thank your team of professionals for taking my call, answering my questions, and providing me once again with a quality product.  I was seriously considering buying another projector. Boy, I’m glad I didn’t!  I am really pleased with your work and will refer any that I know of looking for projector repair. Thank You!!!

Subject: Repair Invoice Packing Slip #00097xxx

Projector arrived to me safe and sound. Box in beautiful condition. Sadly for me I was told it may be a week before they allow me to put it back in service due to the many services at this time of year. Box will remain unopened and locked in office until time allows. I’ll let you know how I did when its back in service.

Just wanted to say thank you to all involved with this repair. You folks have been so wonderful and professional that I am not even worried about the projector functioning when I hook it back up.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday.
God Bless,

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