Shipping Instructions

Please read the shipping instructions before you package your equipment:

1) Enclose your projector in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture and from small pieces of packing material going inside the unit. Please do not ship projector power cords and mounts. Projector mount must be removed before shipping.

2) Please fill out the Shipping Form and print it – when you open the PDF file you can type in all the information on your computer and then print. We also have the Address Label for your convenience – you can just print it out, fill in your return address and tape it to the package. Make sure that the Shipping Form with all your information is included in the package.

3) The unit should be packaged in a box with a minimum of 3-6 inches of space around the unit for extra padding (bubble wrap and packing foam peanuts). It is very important to put extra padding when you ship heavy items like a large projector or projector lens. DO NOT squeeze projector into a box without any additional packing material around it.

4) Remember to get the tracking number for your shipment and you may want to have additional insurance for more expensive equipment.

5) We will contact you within 1-3 business days from the time we receive your package with the estimate and time needed for repair. We will not begin any work on your equipment without your approval. We also work with Purchase Orders. You can fax/e-mail P.O. later when we give you the estimate for the repair.

Shipping Address:    Royal Camera Service, Inc.
                                    Projector Repair                
                                    1134 E. Lake Street                                              
                                    Hanover Park, IL 60133                                         


We are using UPS Ground service for all of our packages. If you need us to ship it back by a faster service please indicate it on the Shipping Form.

Thank you for using our service!