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Optoma Projector Repair Models

Optoma Projector Repair


Offer Expires 06/30/2023

Optoma projector repair

Optoma Projector Repair Center provides repair services and cleaning services for all multimedia Optoma projectors.

Bring your projector in or ship it to us for evaluation by our specialists: Shipping Information and Form.

 Special: Free Estimates for all Optoma projector repairs!

We also provide Optoma projector maintenance services, which include complete cleaning of the inside & outside elements, fans and air filters, lenses as well as testing and restoring projectors to manufacturer settings.

For location and contact information please visit Contact Us page.

We Service and Repair the Following Optoma Projector Models 

Optoma DH1010
Optoma DS211
Optoma DS216
Optoma DS219
Optoma DS303
Optoma DS305
Optoma DS306
Optoma DS309
Optoma DS316
Optoma DS317
Optoma DS322
Optoma DS323
Optoma DS326
Optoma DS327
Optoma DS329
Optoma DS550
Optoma DS551
Optoma DV10
Optoma DV11
Optoma DW312
Optoma DW318
Optoma DW339
Optoma DX205
Optoma DX211
Optoma DX319
Optoma DX327
Optoma DX329
Optoma DX550
Optoma DX551
Optoma DX603
Optoma DX605
Optoma DX605R
Optoma DX606
Optoma DX607
Optoma DX608
Optoma DX609
Optoma DX617
Optoma DX621
Optoma DX623
Optoma DX625
Optoma DX626
Optoma EH1020
Optoma EP1080
Optoma EP1690
Optoma EP1691
Optoma EP1961
Optoma EP585
Optoma EP610H
Optoma EP615H
Optoma EP620
Optoma EP702
Optoma EP705H
Optoma EP706
Optoma EP707
Optoma EP708
Optoma EP709
Optoma EP7150
Optoma EP7155
Optoma EP716
Optoma EP718
Optoma EP719
Optoma EP720
Optoma EP721
Optoma EP723
Optoma EP725
Optoma EP726
Optoma EP727
Optoma EP728
Optoma EP729
Optoma EP732B
Optoma EP732H
Optoma EP735
Optoma EP737
Optoma EP738
Optoma EP739
Optoma EP741
Optoma EP745
Optoma EP747
Optoma EP749
Optoma EP750
Optoma EP751
Optoma EP752
Optoma EP753
Optoma EP755
Optoma EP755A
Optoma EP756
Optoma EP757
Optoma EP758
Optoma EP759
Optoma EP761
Optoma EP763
Optoma EP770
Optoma EP771
Optoma EP772
Optoma EP773
Optoma EP774
Optoma EP776
Optoma EP781
Optoma EP782

Optoma EP783
Optoma EP910
Optoma ES520
Optoma ES521
Optoma ES522
Optoma ES526
Optoma ES550
Optoma ES551
Optoma EW1610
Optoma EW1691
Optoma EW330
Optoma EW531
Optoma EW533
Optoma EW536
Optoma EW605
Optoma EW610
Optoma EW628
Optoma EW674
Optoma EW675
Optoma EW766
Optoma EX330
Optoma EX521
Optoma EX525
Optoma EX530
Optoma EX531
Optoma EX532
Optoma EX536
Optoma EX538
Optoma EX540
Optoma EX542
Optoma EX550
Optoma EX605
Optoma EX610
Optoma EX612
Optoma EX615
Optoma EX665
Optoma EX7155
Optoma EX762
Optoma EX774
Optoma EzPro 540
Optoma EzPro 550
Optoma EzPro 585
Optoma EzPro 610
Optoma EzPro 615
Optoma EzPro 702
Optoma EzPro 705
Optoma EzPro 705H
Optoma EzPro 710
Optoma EzPro 715
Optoma EzPro 718
Optoma EzPro 730
Optoma EzPro 731
Optoma EzPro 732
Optoma EzPro 735
Optoma EzPro 737
Optoma EzPro 738
Optoma EzPro 739
Optoma EzPro 745
Optoma EzPro 750
Optoma EzPro 751
Optoma EzPro 753
Optoma EzPro 755
Optoma EzPro 756
Optoma EzPro 757
Optoma EzPro 758
Optoma EzPro 759
Optoma GT100
Optoma GT360
Optoma GT700
Optoma GT720
Optoma GT750
Optoma H27
Optoma H30
Optoma H31
Optoma H50
Optoma H55
Optoma H56
Optoma H57
Optoma H76
Optoma H77
Optoma H78
Optoma H79
Optoma HD180
Optoma HD20
Optoma HD200
Optoma HD21
Optoma HD2200
Optoma HD23
Optoma HD30
Optoma HD31
Optoma HD32
Optoma HD33
Optoma HD3300
Optoma HD55
Optoma HD600
Optoma HD65
Optoma HD66
Optoma HD67
Optoma HD6700

Optoma HD70
Optoma HD700
Optoma HD71
Optoma HD7100
Optoma HD72
Optoma HD720
Optoma HD73
Optoma HD7300
Optoma HD75
Optoma HD80
Optoma HD800
Optoma HD8000
Optoma HD803
Optoma HD806
Optoma HD808
Optoma HD81
Optoma HD82
Optoma HD8200
Optoma HD83
Optoma HD8300
Optoma HD8600
Optoma HD8600
Optoma HD87
Optoma MovieTime DV1
Optoma PRO150
Optoma PRO160S
Optoma PRO250
Optoma PRO250XRFBA
Optoma PRO260
Optoma PRO350
Optoma PRO360
Optoma PRO8000
Optoma TH1020
Optoma TH1060
Optoma TH635
Optoma TH7500
Optoma TL30
Optoma TL50
Optoma TS350
Optoma TS400
Optoma TS526
Optoma TS551
Optoma TS721
Optoma TS721
Optoma TS725
Optoma TW1692
Optoma TW330
Optoma TW536
Optoma TW6000
Optoma TW610
Optoma TW615
Optoma TW631
Optoma TW635
Optoma TW675
Optoma TW695
Optoma TW762
Optoma TW766
Optoma TW775
Optoma TW865
Optoma TWR1693
Optoma TX1080
Optoma TX330
Optoma TX536
Optoma TX542-3D
Optoma TX551
Optoma TX565
Optoma TX610
Optoma TX612
Optoma TX615
Optoma TX631
Optoma TX650
Optoma TX665U
Optoma TX700
Optoma TX7000
Optoma TX7155
Optoma TX7156
Optoma TX727
Optoma TX728
Optoma TX735
Optoma TX761
Optoma TX762
Optoma TX763
Optoma TX765
Optoma TX770
Optoma TX771
Optoma TX773
Optoma TX774
Optoma TX775
Optoma TX776
Optoma TX778
Optoma TX779
Optoma TX780
Optoma TX782
Optoma TX783
Optoma TX785
Optoma TX800
Optoma TXR774
Optoma ZW210
Optoma ZW212


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Projector repair process
Projector Repair FAQ
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Optoma Projector Repair includes basic cleaning and maintenance service:

  • outside and inside cleaning
  • cooling system cleaning (fan and air filters)
  • light engine cleaning, mirror condenser, color wheel
  • external lens cleaning
  • inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video)
  • restoring projectors to factory default settings

Professional – Affordable – Fast

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