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BenQ Projector Repair LU9915

BenQ Projector Repair Center provides repair services and cleaning services for all multimedia BenQ projectors. Bring your projector in or ship it to us for evaluation by our specialists.

 Special: Free Estimates for all BenQ projector repairs!

We also provide BenQ projector maintenance services, which include complete cleaning of the inside & outside elements, fans and air filters, lenses as well as testing and restoring projectors to manufacturer settings.

For location and contact information please visit Contact Us page.

We Service and Repair the Following BenQ Projector Models 

BenQ  7763P
BenQ  7763PA
BenQ  7765PA

BenQ  CH100
BenQ  CP120
BenQ  CP120c
BenQ  CP220
BenQ  CP270

BenQ  DS550
BenQ  DS650
BenQ  DS660

BenQ  DX550
BenQ  DX650
BenQ  DX660

BenQ  EP5920

BenQ  GP10
BenQ  GP20

BenQ  HC1200

BenQ  HT1075
BenQ  HT1085ST
BenQ  HT2050
BenQ  HT2150ST
BenQ  HT3050
BenQ  HT4050
BenQ  HT480W
BenQ  HT6050

BenQ  i500

BenQ  LU9715
BenQ  LW61ST
BenQ  LX60ST

BenQ  MH530
BenQ  MH630
BenQ  MH680
BenQ  MH740
BenQ  MH741
BenQ  MH750

BenQ  MP510
BenQ  MP511
BenQ  MP511+
BenQ  MP512
BenQ  MP512ST
BenQ  MP513
BenQ  MP514
BenQ  MP515
BenQ  MP515ST
BenQ  MP522
BenQ  MP523
BenQ  MP525
BenQ  MP525ST
BenQ  MP525P
BenQ  MP575
BenQ  MP610
BenQ  MP611
BenQ  MP611c
BenQ  MP612c
BenQ  MP615P
BenQ  MP620
BenQ  MP620c
BenQ  MP620p
BenQ  MP622
BenQ  MP622c
BenQ  MP623
BenQ  MP624
BenQ  MP625
BenQ  MP625P
BenQ  MP626
BenQ  MP670
BenQ  MP720p
BenQ  MP721
BenQ  MP721c
BenQ  MP722
BenQ  MP723
BenQ  MP724
BenQ  MP727
BenQ  MP730
BenQ  MP735
BenQ  MP770
BenQ  MP771
BenQ  MP772
BenQ  MP772ST
BenQ  MP776
BenQ  MP777
BenQ  MP780
BenQ  MP780ST
BenQ  MP782
BenQ  MP782ST

BenQ  MS500
BenQ  MS502
BenQ  MS504
BenQ  MS510
BenQ  MS513
BenQ  MS517
BenQ  MS521

BenQ MS524
BenQ MS524A
BenQ MS524E
BenQ MS527E
BenQ MS612
BenQ MS612ST
BenQ MS614
BenQ MS616ST

BenQ MU686

BenQ MW512
BenQ MW516
BenQ MW519
BenQ MW523
BenQ MW526
BenQ MW526A
BenQ MW529E
BenQ MW571
BenQ MW621ST
BenQ MW632ST
BenQ MW663
BenQ MW665
BenQ MW705
BenQ MW712
BenQ MW721
BenQ MW727
BenQ MW767
BenQ MW769
BenQ MW811ST
BenQ MW814ST
BenQ MW817ST
BenQ MW821ST
BenQ MW824ST

BenQ MX501
BenQ MX503
BenQ MX505
BenQ MX511
BenQ MX514
BenQ MX518
BenQ MX520
BenQ MX522
BenQ MX525
BenQ MX525A
BenQ MX528E
BenQ MX570
BenQ MX600
BenQ MX613ST
BenQ MX615
BenQ MX618ST
BenQ MX620ST
BenQ MX631ST
BenQ MX660
BenQ MX660P
BenQ MX661
BenQ MX662
BenQ MX701
BenQ MX704
BenQ MX710
BenQ MX711
BenQ MX716
BenQ MX717
BenQ MX720
BenQ MX722
BenQ MX723
BenQ MX726
BenQ MX750
BenQ MX760
BenQ MX761
BenQ MX763
BenQ MX764

BenQ PB7200
BenQ PB7210
BenQ PB7220
BenQ PB7230
BenQ PB8120
BenQ PB8140
BenQ PB8220
BenQ PB8230
BenQ PB8240
BenQ PB8250
BenQ PB8253
BenQ PB8260
BenQ PB8263
BenQ PB8265
BenQ PB9200

BenQ PE5120
BenQ PE7700
BenQ PE7800
BenQ PE8700
BenQ PE8720

BenQ PU9220
BenQ PU9530
BenQ PU9730

BenQ PW9500
BenQ PW9520
BenQ PW9620

BenQ PX9210
BenQ PX9510
BenQ PX9600
BenQ PX9710

BenQ SH910
BenQ SH915
BenQ SH940
BenQ SH960
BenQ SH960+
BenQ SH963

BenQ SL700X
BenQ SL705X

BenQ SP820
BenQ SP830
BenQ SP831
BenQ SP840
BenQ SP870
BenQ SP890
BenQ SP891
BenQ SP920
BenQ SP920P

BenQ SU917
BenQ SU922
BenQ SU931
BenQ SU964

BenQ SW916
BenQ SW921

BenQ SX912
BenQ SX914
BenQ SX920
BenQ SX930

BenQ TH670
BenQ TH680
BenQ TH963

BenQ VP110X
BenQ VP150X

BenQ W100
BenQ W1000
BenQ W1000+
BenQ W10000
BenQ W1060
BenQ W1070
BenQ W1070+
BenQ W1080S
BenQ W1100
BenQ W1200
BenQ W1300
BenQ W1400
BenQ W1500
BenQ W20000
BenQ W500
BenQ W5000
BenQ W600
BenQ W600+
BenQ W6000
BenQ W700
BenQ W7000
BenQ W710ST
BenQ W750
BenQ W7500
BenQ W770ST
BenQ W9000

BenQ Projector Repair includes basic cleaning and maintenance service:

  • outside and inside cleaning
  • cooling system cleaning (fan and air filters)
  • light engine cleaning, mirror condenser, color wheel
  • external lens cleaning
  • inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video)
  • restoring projectors to factory default settings


    Shipping projector for repair
    Projector repair process
    Projector Repair FAQ
    Projector Component Replacement
    BenQ Projector
    DLP Projector Board Repair
    Projector Repair Station

    Professional – Affordable – Fast

    BenQ Projector Repair Service Areas: Hanover Park, Bartlett, Wayne, Glendale Heights, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, West Chicago, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, Carol Stream, Elgin, South Elgin, Streamwood, Barrington, South Barrington, Palatine, Medinah, East Dundee, West Dundee, Inverness, Huntley, Hampshire, Algonquin, Carpentensville, Sleepy Hollow, Campton Hills, Cary, Elburn, Montgomery, Lake Zurich, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Northbrook, Glenview, Winnetka, Skokie, Hoffman Estates, Mount Prospect,  Elk Grove Village, Bloomingdale, Schaumburg, Roselle, Itasca, Wood Dale, Addison, Lombard, Downers Grove, Naperville, Lemont, Lisle and other Chicago area communities.

    We also receive many mail-in repairs from Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas,Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Florida, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and California.

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